Real Estate Management

Dealing with real estate, you always deal with the state where it is located in terms of financial and legal issues. We will advice you on your rights and obligations related to Austrian real estate market and take over the maintaince of your property, carrying it out in compliance with the Austrian real estate legislation and garanteeing the protection of your rights and interests.


In investment cases we advice you on profitability of your intentions and work out together with you the most efficient solutions to get the return of capital charaktereistics on the very top and to increase your business volumes.


Commercial Real Estate

  • Administrative Management
  • Financial Management
  • Facility Management

Private Property

  • Maintenance and monitoring of utility bills
  • Representation of owners and their interests at the meetings and desicion making processes related to their property
  • Protecting owners interests and operational rights in frame of property's maintenance
  • Insurance claim processing

Rental Real Estate

  • Ensurig the rents are in compliance with the established legal norms
  • Tenants' operational rights protection