Our company was founded with the support of an Austrian private property fund and has been operating in the market since 2016.


After the first projects in the field of international recruitment and human resources management, the need for more extensive organizational support for the reallocation processes quickly became apparent. As a result, in collaboration with Durst GmbH, a new business line that provides a full range of real estate services, from searching for real estate objects to their further management and ensuring the preservation of the interests and rights of our customers, has been developed.


The main focus of the REVISTAA in the time of globalization of the market relations is the  organisational, administrative and opertioanl support of cross-board real estate transactions and reallocation processes in Austria.


Our goal is to make the structure and legal framework of the Austrian real estate market visible and understandable to every person, regardless of origin or mother toungue. We create so the basis for effektive and mutually reliable cooperation, wich allows us to find the best solution in each specific case.


Our unique in the Austrian market services are distinguished by professional competency, practical experience, customer oriented attitude and lack of language barriers.


Contact us to avoid mistakes or unsuccessful investments in the Austrian real estate market!


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                  You are imortant to us!

Evgenia Hora, Founder and General Manager of ReviStaa


- Certified Real Estate Manager, Austria

- Certified Export-Manager, Austria

- Licensed Human Resources Management, Austria

- Language: German, Russian, English